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Oppolia-the Asia's top cabinetry manufacturer, with five advanced facilities and 28 years of experience, serving over 50 million families in 118 countries.

GME is the only contracted dealer Saskatchewan.

Our machinery, predominantly from Germany and Italy, guarantees precision and efficiency.

Collaborating with the Italian Designer Alliance keeps us at the forefront of global design trends.

We offer consistent design excellence for various spaces of your home, from kitchens to home offices.

Our products feature formaldehyde-free, antibacterial green paneling, high-quality lacquer door finishes, durable quartz stone countertops, and robust under mounted sinks.

We use top-tier Blum hardware for lasting performance.

Choose from a range of functional accessories to enhance your kitchen's convenience and efficiency.

Our sturdy packaging ensures secure long-distance delivery, with items palletized for easy handling.

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