Modern Industrial Style Lacquer Villa Furniture OB16-Villa05

Social Kitchen

This kitchen with glass and steel elements for modern industrial style will surprise you. Dark gray cabinets and stainless steel range hood mix with eye-catching red door panel, giving modern kitchen a sophisticated feeling. The high part of the island can be used to put some pretty plants, also offers more storage for the space.

Wet Kitchen

The wet kitchen inside is the true one for cooking. It is not big but functional enough. L-shape layout makes efficient use of space, look neat and can be very spacious.

Dining Room

Industrial style with plenty of warmth — with elements like fabric carpet  and wood table that will outlast the trends. Metal elements make the dining room become a sleek and modern space.


Opposite the dinning room is a large living room, which is big enough even for holding a salon party.  The tall TV cabinets appear spectacular, also can be used as display cabinets. Leather sofa with aging treatment has a strong sense of age, suitable for industrial style.

Living Room

This smaller living room is for family gathering, small but cozy. Exposed brick walls form a stylish backdrop for modern furniture. All the frequently-used items can be put in open shelves of the TV cabinet.

Study Room

The dark wood grain bookcase here is about 3 meters high, which makes the study room appear steady and calm. The chair base is made up of natural tree trunk, immediately become a focal point. Big window allows more natural light and fresh air to come in, perfect for concentrating on work.

Living Room 2

The living room in the second floor is for house owners to enjoy their family time. The red and white TV cabinet matches perfectly, which looks smart and practical. The lengthened sofa offers enough places for family sitting together to watch their favorite TV show or latest movie.

Master Bedroom

Dark tone makes this master bedroom appear luxurious and a bit mysterious. With a little yellow elements adorning, the whole space  livens up instantly. Rows of cabinets below the window and open shelves by the wall offers powerful storage function.

There are two closet in this master bedroom. The biggest one is for hostess. All the beautiful shoes and clothes can be put orderly.


This two bathrooms in the master room look similar, clean and tidy. As Industrial design always makes the room dark, it needs more artificial lighting. Here designer uses elegant droplight to light up this dark area.

Bedroom Suite 2

Another bedroom also has a few cabinets near the window. The TV cabinet here is more fresh in color. Wardrobe and bathroom are both in the bedroom. It is suitable for youngsters to live in.

Bedroom Suite 3

Guest room is not big but cozy. It is decorated in light colors that make the room more airy. En-suite bathroom is gentle and caring for your guests.


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