White and Pink Women Closet with Dressing Table OBW21-PVC01

Women’s Closet with Dressing Table

This is a modern minimalist style women’s closet, elegant and charming. With white as the main color, paired with romantic rose pink, it looks romantic and sweet. The wardrobe doors’ metallic handles are as long as the door’s height and are anti-collision, not only look cook and luxurious but also full of love and warmth. There is an extended dressing table on one side of the L-shaped closet, perfect for daily makeup after being dressed.

The design of the walk-in closet is bright, simple, and orderly. The one-door-to-top wardrobe closet is made up of visible and invisible parts, which is not only convenient for access but also can be neatly stored. The built-in lights and glass doors design make the wardrobe look warm and welcoming. And glass doors also can effectively block dust and make the whole space clean and bright.

MATERIAL Thermofoil
LAYOUT L-shape
STYLE Modern
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