Custom White Open Walk in Closet Design OBW22-001

White Walk in Closet

Too many clothes and accessories? A custom open concept walk-in closet will be a perfect solution. With a pure white lacquer finish, the closet design is simple but elegant. Your clothes can display better in the white backdrop because white is high-contrast and bright. It will shine in your bedroom and make everything look clean and new.

This walk-in closet is L shaped design with an island. There is plenty of room for storing your coats, dresses, hats, bags, shoes, accessories, etc. The center island provides a place for the storage of small items like accessories and underwear. And you can also fold clothes on the surface of it. There are leather seats on one side of the island for people to rest. You can sit here and put on shoes.

LAYOUT L-shape, With Island
STYLE Transitional
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