Light Grey and Purple PVC Bedroom Cupboards OBW22-PVC01

PVC Bedroom Cupboards

The PVC bedroom cupboards are designed with glass doors, and hinged doors look delicate and practical. The cupboard color is taken from the vast and dreamy cosmic nebula. The designer boldly chooses mysterious fashion purple with soft and elegant light grey door panels, creating an elegant, warm, minimalist, and luxurious bedroom design.

In the simple bedroom layout, paired with wall panels, the bedroom space is divided ingeniously without being depressing. The fitted wardrobe design utilizes every corner of the bedroom. The L-shaped bedroom cupboard design is very convenient because the vision is unified, and you will not be in a hurry when choosing clothes. With open and closed designs, the closet cupboards have a variety of storage spaces. There is enough storage space to meet the storage needs of the owner.

COLOR Gray, Purple
LAYOUT L-shape
MATERIAL Thermofoil
STYLE Modern
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