Rustic Melamine Wood Kitchen Cabinets OBK21-002

Whole Kitchen

It is a rustic wooden kitchen cabinet set in a melamine finish. Melamine door is scratch, abrasion, flame, acid- and alkali-resistant. It is a relatively economical and practical door panel material. Melamine material is very suitable for modern and simple-style kitchens. As for the wood tone, the wood color here is natural light wood grain. It’s cozy and elegant. And the black metallic frames, racks, and hanging shelves make the whole kitchen look more stylish.

Melamine Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are in melamine finish. The melamine panels material is particleboard with both sides resin-infused decorative paper by heat and pressure. The cabinets have a warm, welcoming outlook in a natural wood grain textured melamine finish. And the grain pattern is consistent, so you will get an ultimate kitchen that looks like the 3D render picture from the designer. It is different from solid wood grain. Since solid wood grain can be different in color, pattern, and order, it’s hard to control the outlook of installed cabinets. Moreover, melamine cabinets are far less expensive than solid wood cabinets.

U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula

The kitchen cabinet is in a U shape with a peninsula. It is a great kitchen design for large kitchens, which is functional, open-living, and beautiful. With so much cabinet storage space, countertop surface, and wide moving space, you can easily socialize, entertain, cook and clean here.
A peninsula is like an island, and the difference is it connects to a wall on one side. It serves as a kitchen countertop with a sink and a seating space for a home bar.

Open cabinets and glass cabinets around the bar provide the perfect storage location for your fine wines and glasses conveniently and aesthetically pleasingly. If the kitchen is in an open layout, the peninsula can be a physical barrier between the living room. The U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula provides more storage, a working surface, and seating. It will be perfect for users who enjoy cooking and social entertainment.

COLOR Wood Tone
LAYOUT U-shape
STYLE Transitional
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